Resizing Images

Before uploading any images onto your website we recommend you scale them down to an appropriate size as this will dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to upload your imagery. Most images will end up to be arround 100 kB in size as your image should be no more than 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Here we show how you can achieve this:

On Windows

On Windows we recommend you find an image resize tool such as Image Resizer for Windows. Once you install this tool you will be able to Right Click on an and then choose 'Resize pictures' to set the size. Set it to custom and make sure the dropdown says 'Scale to' . So long as one of the boxes says 1000 you should be ok to go. Make sure Replace originals is not ticked as this will overwrite the image.

On a Mac

On a mac this can be easily done by opening your image in Preview. In the top menubar go to Tools -> Adjust Size. Generally it is sufficent to set it to 1280 x 1024 and then set the Resolution to 72. Make sure 'Scale proportionally' is ticked. Click OK. Now you can go to File -> Export and then give your file a new name. Take care not to overwrite your original image.