How to make a DIY CCTV system for under a 1K

Posted on 22nd March 2012 at 09:52 by . This entry was tagged:  Custom Projects, Visualcode

We have just bought at a CCTV system. Our requirement were quite specific:

  1. We needed an IP based system (off-the-shelf is way too expensive!)
  2. The location of the camera was a considerable distance from our internal network
  3. We didn't want to hard wire the system over such a distance
  4. We needed the camera to record and be accessible to many devices (iPads, iPhone and android devices) regardless of location.
  5. We required a system that was extendable and configurable. For example; additional cameras, APNR software (licence plate recognition software) and database comparisons.

In other words our requirements were many and a such the price for an off the shelf solution was prohibitive. In fact none were suitable. So time to get our hands dirty... (well not really everything was available from the likes of amazon)...

Our Plan

  1. Network outdoor weatherproof IP cam (try and buy the best you can afford).
  2. NAS - we have used a Synology ( it runs Linux so extending the op is not a problem and it comes with surveillance software as standard)
  3. 2Tb hard drive (loads of recording space)
  4. PoE converter
  5. 2 x Powerline Ethernet adapters (this allows you to pipe your Internet connection over your powerlines).
  6. Short RJ45 cables.
  7. Android and apple apps for monitoring camera off location. (free to download).

So in conclusion, you can build you own CCTV system that is much more adaptable than an off the shelf solution for a fraction of the price. We spent around £700, which can be claimed back as a capital expense and reduces the insurance premium. Well worth the time and thought...

The Results:

We record continuously 24hrs, 7 days a week at a resolution of 1280px by 768px. The software marks every motion capture and we have storage and backups for over a full calendar month.