Visualcode reaches the big 10

Posted on 16th July 2012 at 11:30 by . This entry was tagged:  Business News, Media, Visualcode

A decade ago the business moved into the converted farm buildings and has flourished ever since, working with local companies and start-ups as well as global brands including Deloitte, EA Games and Emerson. To mark the occasion, the business has launched a new Visualcode website at www.visualcode.co.uk and will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary by holding a reception for clients, suppliers and staff.

Visualcode delivers bespoke online solutions and offers a broad package of services that includes website design and development, graphic design, branding and corporate identity, search engine optimisation and developing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and software. Over the last 10 years it has worked with local businesses such as Bodenhams and Ludlow College, creating new branding for the menswear and womenswear store in Ludlow and producing the annual prospectus for Ludlow College.

Simon Edwards, founder of Visualcode, said: “I’m very proud of what we have achieved over the last 10 years. We deliver an exceptional service to our clients by taking the time to understand their business and producing results that are on time, within budget and – most importantly – work. Our success is down to working in partnership with our clients and using an innovative, creative, problem-solving approach.

“My family has lived in this area of the country for many years and were originally dairy farmers. When I started to think about setting up a website development and graphic design business back in 2000, it was natural to come home to Shropshire. What started as an idea and working out of a single-room office has now grown into a business with six staff and become an established company with a successful track record. Our location in the beautiful Shropshire countryside certainly hasn’t stopped us attracting attention and business from the big players too. It’s a case of from dairy farming to high tech and we’re looking forward to another 10 years of growth at Visualcode.”

Another of Visualcode’s clients is Control Techniques, which involves highly complex engineering technology. Visualcode has helped Control Techniques add a creative element to their marketing and, for a recent exhibition, it created a 3-D spinning model graphic to demonstrate to customers the precision control and projected spinning speeds of their products.

Gareth Jones of Control Techniques said: “The team at Visualcode add value through their flexibility in combining innovative web and database technologies with clean and consistent graphic design.”

The Visualcode team outside their offices - Simon Edwards, Heather Tate, Colin Edwards, Richard Atkins, Matthew Price and Matthew Mills.