Punching Well Above Our Weight

Posted on 25th September 2013 at 09:00 by . This entry was tagged:  LBC, Global Radio, The Daily Mail, This is Money, Radnor Hills, Sports Direct, Recent Work, Forum, vBulletin, CMS, Graphic Design

Summary: Working with some of the bigger names in British Business: LBC (Global Radio), The Daily Mail, Radnor Hills Water & Sports Direct.

As you can probably see it has been quite a while since we have posted any news on our site. You might ask the question why?

Well we have been busy working on some really interesting and big projects. So I thought I would just give you a quick rundown on some of the select work we have been involved in these last 12 months.

LBC - London's Big Conversation

LBC is part of Global Radio, "The UK's Premium Radio Company". Visualcode were commissioned to implement the new Global Radio design into a Custom Content Management System.

What we did: CSS, HTML, Layout and Custom Coding

Website: http://www.lbc.co.uk/

The Daily Mail - Mail Online

Initially The Mail Online approached Visualcode to redesign and implement a vBulletin forum to replace their ageing "This is Money" forum. After successfully completing this work, we were then asked to roll the new design out over all sections of the Mail Online website, in total we made 8 forums for the Group.

What we did: vBulletin, CSS, HTML, Layout and Custom Coding

Website: http://boards.thisismoney.co.uk/  | http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

Radnor Hills Water & Sports Direct Promotion

Radnor Hills Water approached Visualcode to produce a competition in conjunction with Sports Direct. Our brief was to produce a system that generated 5 Million unique codes (that could be printed on bottle labels), run the competition for its duration, log activity, log entries and randomly draw winners on a daily basis.

The data was collected by the system, allowing Radnor to plot their demographic and further their UK marketing strategy.

What we did: Graphic Design, CSS, HTML, Custom Code.

Link: http://www.visualcode.co.uk/portfolio_project/520c92e968068/Radnor-Hills-Water